When the dogs do something cute

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Sound effects in popular music are not a new concept

You can sing your affirmations. Make a tune to hum and sing throughout your day. This is fun. Sound effects in popular music are not a new concept. Such addenda were used over the millennia to enhance a musical performance. The wailing of a chorus in the background of a Greek tragedy might instill an ominous sense of dread in the audience. As adults we forget that life is a constant growth process. We are always capable of learning no matter how old we are, and we should continue to take risks. We should never be fearful of failure because failure is just another form of constructive criticism. My wife is a Collaborative Leader, so I have had the advantage of observing her leadership skills for over thirty five years. Several years ago, she created a group of her closest women friends to meet together on a monthly basis. Once a month these women would gather at my home (I was invited to leave while they were meeting!) for food, conversation, ritual, and more. The home in Highland Park, Illinois, which is just north of Chicago, is unique. It has a full sized NBA regulation indoor basketball court, 9 bedrooms, 15 baths and a putting green and chipping area for golf. It has garage space to house 14 cars and sits on more than 7 acres..

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